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New 2019 BMW X7 review - has the mighty Range Rover finally met its match?

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BMW is no stranger to the SUV segment. Yet for years, the Range Rover has held its own as the ultimate off-roader; the long-standing default choice for those after the luxury of a limousine with the practicality and status of a 4x4.

Yet BMW thinks the Range Rover’s days at the top are numbered. With the introduction of the X7, the German firm now occupies a broader spectrum of SUVs than near enough any maker on the planet. Depending on your needs and lifestyle choices, you can choose anything from the very smallest X1, to the mid-size X3 or larger X5 – with the sleeker X2, X4 and X6 sitting somewhere in between. But this X7 takes the company into unchartered territory.

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