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Starset - My Demons (Official Audio)

STARSET - My Demons
From the album 'Transmissions' - Out Now
Listen/Download at https://found.ee/transmissions

CD/Vinyl/Merch: https://found.ee/starset_merch
iTunes: https://found.ee/transmissions_it
Apple Music: https://found.ee/transmissions_am
Spotify: https://found.ee/transmissions_sp
Amazon: https://found.ee/transmissions_amz
Amazon Music: https://found.ee/transmissions_amzm
Google Play: https://found.ee/transmissions_gp

Stay Connected with STARSET
Website: http://starsetonline.com
Facebook: https://found.ee/ss_facebook
Twitter: https://found.ee/ss_twitter
Instagram: https://found.ee/ss_instagram

Stay Connected with Fearless Records:
Website: http://www.fearlessrecords.com/
Facebook: https://found.ee/FearlessFB
Instagram: https://found.ee/FearlessIG
Twitter: https://found.ee/FearlessTW

Subscribe to Fearless Records on Youtube: http://found.ee/fr_youtube

SPREAD THE MESSAGE: https://found.ee/tss_orientationpacket

Information on upcoming tours and demonstrations at http://starsetonline.com

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