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FITBIZOPS is a functional information technology (IT) and business operations solution provider focused on helping customers gain business intelligence (BI) through data driven digital marketing, empowered by artificial intelligence (AI).

Our DNA comes from IT consulting, business processes, analytics, and marketing at an enterprise level globally. We’ve seen it all from tiny to mega: companies, problems, investment, ideas, and results. We understand the variance in parameters and how to make the best with what you have.

Our approach takes a holistic view of the business; helping customers identify a problem to solve; then determining the best tools and processes to solve it.

With over 17 years of experience in marketing and 20+ in IT consulting, we know that understanding integration among systems, processes, and people is key for the success of any organization.

Become data driven. Become AI empowered. Become a FIT business.


Marketing Expert Audit & Strategic Planning
Marketing & Sales Processes
Existing Strategies
Martech Stack Analysis
Systems & Integration Audit
Gap Analysis
SWOT Analysis
Report & Recommendations

The Marketing Fundamentals
Web Presence (SEO, SEA, Website Analysis & Optimization)
Social Presence (Setup & Management of Social Channels)
Lead Generation (Social, Digital, Email Ad Campaigns)
Content Generation (Videos, Brochures, Digital Sites)

Artificial Intelligence Services
Content Generation
Content Curation
Email Marketing
Digital Ad Optimization
Web Design
User Experience (UX)
Predictive Analysis

Website http://www.fitbizops.com

Specialties: ArtificialIntelligence, AI, DigitalMarketing, Marketing, SEO, SEA, SocialMedia, SocialMediaMarketing, Consulting, Coaching, Training, Analytics, PredictiveAnalytics, EmailMarketing, Strategy, StrategicPlanning, LeadGeneration, DemandGeneration, ROI, WebDevelopment, LeadGen, SearchEngineOptimization, SearchEngineAdvertising, Adwords, and WebDesign

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