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2-Look OLL Tutorial | Beginners CFOP

In this video I show you how to solve all 10 cases for 2-Look OLL, which is a two-step process for solving the third step of CFOP - the most popular 3x3 speedcubing method. In 2-Look, the OLL cross is solved first and then the OLL corners. The cross step has 3 cases, and the corners step as 7 different cases. By learning these 10 cases, you can significantly reduce your solve times and have the potential to reach sub 12 seconds or lower.

Cube notation tutorial: https://youtu.be/PhcnmY7_RkQ
12 Easiest OLL Algorithms: https://youtu.be/0Zh5y2cFl6M

0:00 Explanation
1:11 Solving the cross
3:49 Solving the corners
9:57 Next steps

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