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Kal Featuring Mr. Tee - The Boogies Here [Big Hit] 1978 Boogie Funk 45

Kal Featuring Mr. Tee - The Boogies Here
Big Hit Records # TZ 0014, released in 1978
If you dig the music c'mon and clap your hands!
Killer 70s boogie funk / disco funk dancer on Johnnie Mae Matthews record label Big Hit. This choone have a big potential and i've been played it regularly while i was active as a dj. It's still very little known on the modern scene and i guess that's why it's still very cheap and there some copies available in the online record markets! Vinyl rip from my 45's records collection.

Song lyrics excerpt:
"The captain here... you wanna dance?
You want to dance - there is your chance!
AAAAh spread the news the time is come ... the boogies here
That it is that it is, get down, get on up, get on up, get on down
You all get on down the boogies here
You say you feel like you wanna do your thing baby... do your thing, do your thing
We are here to help you get it on
Take your partner to the disco floor baby
So we can get it on and boogie all night long, well
The time is drawn for you to really show your style
Come and dance with me and boogie for awile
And you know you can do it girl!"

Hear modern soul flipside "Kal featuring Mr. Tee - Whistle Song": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jk3HvoJ2cEA

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