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How to protect intellectual property of your business or startup

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In this tutorial, I explain how to protect intellectual property. You can protect intellectual property with five different ways that I discuss in this tutorial.

The first way to protect intellectual property is to create a patent. Patents are falling out of favor due to high expenses, and the very broken patent system in United States. Nevertheless, patents are used to protect intellectual property like inventions.

The second way to protect intellectual property is by getting a trademark. Trademarks protect intellectual property like logos, slogans, names, or designs.

The third way to protect intellectual property is with a copyright. Copyrights are used to protect written body of work like a book or an article.

The fourth way to protect intellectual property is by making people sign an NDA (non disclosure agreement) which binds them to not disclose any of the company secrets you tell them.

The fifth way to protect intellectual property is by getting your employees to sing a non compete agreement which binds your employees from not stealing customers, or not starting their own competitive businesses.

And the sixth way to protect intellectual property is to work with people whom you can trust. Working with honest and reputable people will solve many of your headaches.

If you need extra help understanding how to protect your intellectual property, you can hire me as a business coach. Here is a page explaining how I can help your business.

On this channel, there are more videos on how to protect intellectual property by using non disclosure agreements and NDAs. There are also videos that get into more detail on how to protect intellectual property with trademarks, patents and copyright.

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