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Thermodynamics 05 || First Law Of Thermodynamics with Best Numericals JEE MAINS / NEET

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5)Syllabus Completion by end of January, 2021 with topicwise discussion of Last 10 Years Problems in Boards, JEE Mains/NEET within Lecture.

6)The Complete Course (Video Lectures, PDF Notes, any other Study Material) will be accessible to all the students untill JEE Mains & NEET 2021 (nearly May 2021)

7)In case you missed a live class, you can see its recording.

8)You can view the videos any number of times.

9)Each chapter will be discussed in detail with all concepts and numericals

10)Chapterwise Approach towards JEE Mains/ NEET & Board Exams.

****Test Series for XI & XII****

We provide you the best test series for Class XI,XII, JEE, NEET chapterwise, which will be scheduled for whole year.
The test series follows very logical sequence of Basic to Advance questions.&
Evaluation of Test and Solution to all the questions at the end of the test.

11 chap 12 || Thermodynamics 01 || Introduction ,Thermal Equilibrium n Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics

Thermodynamics 02 (Physics ) | Internal Energy : Degree of Freedom , Law Of Equipartition Of Energy

Thermodynamics 03 || Heat : Specific heat Capacities Of Gases : Cp and Cv JEE MAINS/NEET||

Thermodynamics 04 | Work Done in Thermodynamics Physics | Difference in phy n chem | JEE MAINS /NEET

Thermodynamics 05 || First Law Of Thermodynamics with Best Numericals JEE MAINS / NEET

Thermodynamics 06 || Isothermal and Adiabatic Process With Best Numericals JEE MAINS/NEET

Thermodynaimcs 07 || Derivation of Cp - Cv = R , Mayer's relation important for School Exams ||

Thermodynamics 08 || Second Law Of Thermodynamics and Heat Engine Concept JEE MAINS / NEET ||

Thermodynamics 09 || Carnot's Heat Engine : Working , Graph and Refrigerator JEE MAINS /NEET

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