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Do You Need To Register My Business With The State & Secretary Of State Office

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In this video I answer the question of: Do I need to register my business with the state? And should I register my business? In United States, you usually register the business with the Secretary of State office of the state in which you are located.

You do not need to register the business, but it is a good idea to do so. So you should register your business with the Secretary of State office in the state that you are in. If you register the business, you will get liability protection. That means if someone sues the business, your personal assets will not be at risk. Only the assets of the business will be at risk. And if you do not register the business, you will be doing business as self, and your personal assets will be at risk if you get sued.

And if you do not register your business with the state, in case someone sues you, your personal assets (car, home, and other possessions and money) will be at risk.

When you register your business with the state, it will have additional implications such as taxes and ownership structure (if you have a team). For details on those issues, please contact a lawyer. To register the business, you will need to choose which entity type you will register as. Common entity types are LLC, C, S, and LLP. Most small businesses are either S corporations or LLC corporations.

It is also common to register your business in the state of Delaware even if you do not do business in Delaware. The reason people do that is that Delaware has favorable business laws. To learn more on this topic, contact an attorney who can explain the nuances.

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