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South Africa's President Zuma may be usurped and the Country fall into turmoil


South Africa's President Zuma may be usurped and the Country fall into turmoil

Today is Tuesday 3rd May 2016 and we are forecasting a possible destabilisation in South Africa very soon.

South Africa is one of the African Continent's largest and most developed economies. It has a population of approximately 55 million people, and its GDP is expected to be $358 Billion by the end of this quarter, according to Trading Economics global macro models and analysts expectations.

Mr Zuma has been at the centre of numerous controversies and his credibility was most severely damaged in March 2016 when South Africa's highest court ruled that he violated the constitution by failing to repay the government for money used on upgrading his private residence, including building a cattle enclosure, amphitheatre, swimming pool, visitor centre and chicken run. The president apologised to South Africans for the "frustration and confusion" caused by the scandal and vowed to repay the money. He was also embroiled in an alleged money-laundering and racketeering scandal stemming from a controversial $5bn arms deal signed in 1999 – a charge he never had to answer after the case was controversially dropped by the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) just weeks before the elections which saw him become President.

Despite this, a multi-billionaire South African has expressed that he is willing to challenge for the Presidency mid-term, giving rise to the very real possibility that those who have lost patience with Mr Zuma’s all too frequently outrageous behaviour, including failing to repay monies ordered by the courts, may orchestrate a coups seeking a peaceful transition to a more responsible Presidency and in the longer term a more responsible style of government. Such situations do not happen overnight. There will be a period of uncertainty followed by a period of unrest and internal difficulties that could well destabilise the mining of gold, diamonds and precious metals as all of these are labour intensive. Whatever happens, there will be a period of turbulence and difficulty hopefully reflected by a peaceful transition but in Africa it is a brave man who predicts such a peace.

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