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3 Koi Types, Pond Rocks, Racoons, Aquascaping Contest


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Koi Types- Koi Problem Continues

Koi Fish Problem

Despite the loss of some pretty koi- I am still excited. (though having to watch you back with the koi kinda sucks. It's nature, and me letting them go out 8 miles out is a pain in the , but it could be worse. I could have dead koi. Can you tell I am fired up about this show NEXT WEEK. YUP- I love events where i can actually talk to someone in person instead of into a camera lens. Big shout outs to Dennerle and JBJ for hooking up a PHAT contest. Loving bringing the hobby to the next level with the help of some great companies....These guys are gonna smash it LIVE. (This is my job? Pinch me) (New yorkers are generally intense and used to working on small tanks because they all live in 4 square feet apartments....and have great tanks....this will be good. COME HANG OUT LIVE- get some FREE STUFF. SAY WHATS UP!

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