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Minecraft Relaxing Longplay - Rainy Basic Survival Base - Cozy Cottage House (No Commentary) 1.19

Minecraft Relaxing longplay no commentary video. minecraft longplay. Cozy I'm build Basic Survival Base. We are gathering resources to build our cozy Basic Survival Base for a relaxing Basic Survival Base. This Basic Survival Base was built in peaceful mode. I hope you have a comfortable, peaceful and quiet time watching. Thanks for watching.

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00:00 we're starting
00:20 I'm exploring the mine. I gather the necessary materials.
01:16:38 I organize the environment.
02:04:45 I collect trees.
02:19:51 I create the basic survival base plan
02:40:37 I'm starting the basic survival base construction.
03:37:13 I'm starting the basic survival base design.
04:36:21 Final!
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