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Is physical silver a cheap purchase at $15 an oz? ( Part 2 of 2)


Is physical silver a cheap purchase at $15 an oz?

Today is Monday 28th March 2016 and we are completing yesterday’s video when we asked the question is physical silver a cheap purchase at $15 an oz, especially as it’s fallen from a high of $50 during the past 5 years.

In part 1 we suggested that much depends upon your time frame and alluded to the fact that if its 10+ years then current prices seem very reasonable and this is supported by the Silver Institute’s recent reports on Supply and Demand and the likelihood that mine supply in 2016 will be some 5% below demand and this may very well continue through 2019.

Today we are briefly addressing the issue of economic slowdown, deflation and negative interest rates.

For investors who believe gold will keep climbing on worries about a global economic slowdown, deflation and negative interest rates, silver could become a more profitable alternative. Especially as it has advanced less than gold this year, and typically the metal outperforms when the price of gold is rising and generally underperforms only when both are falling.

Our view – yes silver prices will in time rise and to appreciative levels. Yes, taking a 10+ year view we believe $15 silver is cheap but is likely to become cheaper later this year but nevertheless a couple of dollars make very little difference over such a long timeframe.

However short of our proverbial black swan appearing do we see prices rising to $100 in 2016 – no – $150 in 2017 – no –$500 in 2019 – no – How about $100,000 oz silver - Ah Yes – but long after we are all dead.

Happy Easter to you all!

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