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Making Offerings to BUDDHA - a Dharma talk at Thailand's famous Floating Market

This is the video which has the Dharma talk about why we should have Buddha statues, shrines and make offerings......I am giving you Dharma sharing on a boat!!! Fun!!

Dear friends,

We drove two hours from Bangkok to the world famous Damnoen Saduak Floating Market. There are many floating markets not far from Bangkok, but this one is the original. The other ones we visited are nice also although not the original one. But whether it's the original one or not, does not matter as they all have their appeal. They are all very nice....visit the floating markets in Thailand!

People at Damnoen Saduak Floating Market are very friendly, outgoing, full of smiles and like to bargain with their items...But if you smile, they will smile back very fast. There are houses, shops, tea stops, gift items on both sides of the river for you to feast your eyes on. And many things are sold on the boats floating along the two sides against the pier. I enjoyed the ride so much. I bought some traditional Thai puppets. They wanted 4,500 baht for it, but I bargained to 2,500 baht and it took 5 mins....Wear light clothes, T-shirts, and cotton items to be comfortable.. It was a blistering hot day when we went, so don't forget to bring your umbrellas when you ride on the boat....we forgot!! Hehe.. There is plenty of good food at the market..so you won't be hungry. In fact, too much good food.

Beng Kooi, Datuk May, Seng Piow, James, Ethan, Bryan, Lew, Justin Ripley, Su Ming, Cynthia, Monlam, Wan, Jp, Carmen, Wai Meng and myself rented a mini bus and took the journey from Bangkok...We all enjoyed the Floating Market very very very much.

Traffic jams in Bangkok start around 3-3:30pm and can last until 7pm. So wherever you go, you must avoid this timing. If you are coming into Bangkok then you must get in before 3:30pm daily or you will need an extra hour to get where you want to go within Bangkok. If you wish to for example drive outside of Bangkok, leave before 3:30pm also. Either in or out of Bangkok, AVOID THE JAMS...YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED...LOL.

There are places outside of Bangkok we visited and it would normally take one hour to arrive, with the jam it takes two hours...so we learned the hard way to avoid the infamous jams...hehehe...Bangkok is a huge metropolitan city with 10 million population and when offices/businesses close, everyone rushes to get home. Heed my warning regarding travelling around in cars BEFORE 3;30pm. Sundays should be better.

Not all of Bangkok is connected by tram or train, so if you have to go out then get use to the trains wherever they are available, they are convenient, punctual and do not get stuck in traffic.

I loved riding the boat on the river of Damnoen Saduak Floating Market.. I decided to share a thoughts on the relevance of Buddha images and making offerings everyday. Why we make offerings, the benefits and how it started. I sincerely hope the talks help you while you feast your eyes on the exotic scenes.

Much Care as ususal, Tsem Rinpoche

read my blog post on this: http://blog.tsemtulku.com/tsem-tulku-rinpoche/buddhas-dharma/floating-market-dharma-sharing-on-offerings.html


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