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CRAZY 6 Week Fat Loss Transformation (COPY THIS!)

▶︎TODAY'S VIDEO : What's up Superhuman Fam! I wanted to share with you my crazy 6 week fat loss transformation. The truth is whenever I decide to get shredded fast I always implement 2 things into my life - and I wanted to go through each one in detail so you guys can easily copy and get rid of stubborn body fat too!

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1. WORKOUT INTENSITY - aka "how to burn fat at the gym"

The first thing you need to do is increase your workout intensity. The compound effect that increasing your workout intensity has on your fat loss hormones and post workout metabolism is very powerful.

I increase my workout intensity with a 4 phase approach: strength phase, intensity phase, time under tension phase and HIIT phase.

2. FLEXIBLE CARB CYCLING - aka "the best fat loss diet"

The second thing that I do is make sure i'm in a 500-700 calorie deficit per day. I also adapt a "carb cycling" diet and have 5 medium carb days, 1 low carb day and 1 high carb day. This is what I call a "flexible carb cycling" fat loss diet because I still eat my favorite carbs - JUST around my workouts so the carbs serve a valuable purpose.

There are no fat loss shortcuts and miracle pills. At the end of the day if you want to lose body fat quickly you need to put in the work and make powerful changes to your daily routine.

A good place to start is increasing your workout intensity and eating in a calorie deficit while carb cycling. If anyone asks me how to get rid of belly fat/love handles/any type of fat I will always tell them those 2 things!


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