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How to Increase Ad Response and Reduce Cost [without breaking the bank]

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Do your ads perform like you want them to?

Do you want to know how to increase ad response rate and reduce advertising cost?

Whether you're advertising online of off, there are some proven ways you can increase responses to your ads. The most common ways people cite are:

1. Write a great headline

2. Grab attention with great graphics and imagery

3. Make sure you only advertise to people interested in what you're offering

4. Call out the audience you're looking for

5. Give them a great offer that entices them to take action

In this video we go over all of these, but we go further than that. We show you how to implement Facebook audience layering to make sure your ads show only to highly-interested people instead of showing to people that are only mildly interested in what you're offering. You can target raving fans instead of tire kickers!

We also reveal the one secret we've found for how to increase your ad response rate and reduce your advertising cost; using vacation incentives.

While offering any incentive will improve your response rate, vacation incentives have been proven over and over to be the best incentives you can offer because people love to travel to exotic places. They have a super-high perceived value and don't cost you very much.

When added to the rest of the tips in this video, vacation incentives will drive your response rates through the roof, increase your click through or call response rates and lower your overall cost per acquisition.

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