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003 Literature Review in Research Methodology - How to Develop a Good Research Question

Literature review in research proposal -
A good research question provides guidance for your work, and is the heart of your research. As Aristotle said “Asking the right question is half the answer.” However, developing a good research question can be hard. Why is it hard? Because in order to develop a good research question, first you need a good understanding of your field. You need to read a lot. Someone said, 90% of a research job is done after you have developed a good research question. There is some truth in it. I would say, a good student knows the right answer, but a great student knows the right question to ask. If you know the right answer, you may be able to get high grades, or write a good paper. But if you know the right question, you will be able to start writing grants, and to apply funding for your research.
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