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Edward Furlong and Danny Cooksey of Terminator 2: Judgment Day took the stage at this panel at the New Jersey Horror Con and Film Festival 2019. They spoke of their experiences with this epic film, their careers and answered fan questions.

Terminator 2 is, by far, the best movie thus far in the Terminator franchise. Though Terminator Dark Fate will be hitting soon and may prove to be its equal. Edward Furlong played John Connor in the Terminator 2 film and will be reprising his role in Terminator Dark Fate for a small role. Danny Cooksey played his friend Tim, who was approached by Robert Patrick's T-1000 and warned his friend so he could escape.

Edward Furlong reprised his role for the Terminator 2 video game and T2: Battle Across Time, plus has had roles in CSI: NY, American History X and Pet Sematary II, to name a few.

Danny Cooksey is known for his roles in Salute Your Shorts, The Cavanaughs, Different Strokes and many voice acting roles in projects like Static Shock, Tiny Toon Adventures and The Little Mermaid series.

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