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Upper Limb Neurological Examination - OSCE Exam Demonstration

The upper limb neurological examination is something every medical student needs to hone in order to pass their OSCE exam. When done correctly, the examination can identify underlying neurological conditions ranging from Parkinson's disease to cerebellar lesions. This handy video demonstrates how to complete a succinct upper limb neuro exam.

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0:00 - Start
0:08 - Introduction
0:42 - Inspection
0:48 - Tone
1:11 - Power
2:22 - Reflexes
3:42 - Sensation (sharpordull)
6:08 - Proprioception
6:34 - Function
7:16 - Co-ordination
8:23 - Closing statement


Wash your hands using the Ayliffe technique

Introduce yourself and give your name and grade

“Hi, my name is John Smith and I am a 4th year medical student”

Check patient details

Clarify patients identity by confirming name and asking for their DOB

Describe examination
Explain what examination you are performing and what it involves

“I have been asked to perform an upper limb neuro exam on you today. This involves having a look at your hands and arms, checking their strength and testing your co‐ordination.”

Gain verbal consent
“Would this be ok with you?”

Offer a chaperone
Ask if they would like a chaperone

“The exam involves you having to remove your upper garment. Would you like a chaperone for the exam?”

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Anything we missed? Let us know how you would do things differently? Also write down your tips and questions below! :)

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