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Film4Climate Global Video Competition Call to Action (90 sec)

With more than 860 videos submitted from 155 countries the Film4Climate Global Competition depicts the global youthful call for climate action. Young people around the world show that climate change is real and personal. The videos are emotionally invested, powerful, solutions-orientated narratives that will inspire leaders around the world to take action. Melting glaciers, rising sea-levels, warming and acidifying oceans, extreme weather events and shifting climatic seasons are having an impact today and will continue to affect this generation.

The submissions highlight that it is possible to come together and tackle climate change, by investing in renewable energy and energy efficiency, promoting sustainable land management, addressing consumption, building low-carbon and resilient cities and putting a price on carbon pollution.

The Film4Climate competition presents the global momentum in support of climate action coming out of the Paris Climate Change Agreement. Led by the Connect4Climate program of the World Bank Group, the United Nations, private sector partners and NGO partners, the Film4Climate competition was powered up by more than 85 organizations. The Film4Climate submissions are judged by a high-level influential jury of film directors, communications professionals and climate experts, presided over by Bernardo Bertolucci.

"I’m singing this song because of global warming. I love what I see, mother Earth you are beautiful; I loved you since before I can remember; Well, global warming is really happening; This is the actual rate we are adding carbon dioxide gas to the atmosphere; With your CO2 emissions; We have a limited amount of time to resolve it and it concerns everyone; Climate change to me is really an opportunity for us as a collective society to look at where we want to move forward to; We need truly to transform our economy, protect our security and save our planet from danger of climate change; Reduce, reuse, recycle; Save energy, turn off the lights; What we need is a lot more photosynthesis; Put a price on carbon now; Charging for every tonne released would help carbon junkies break the habit and we’d have cash to spend on new ways to avoid global warming; Combating climate change is a combined effort; Start now, start today; Well, when enough people come together, we too will make waves. And wash the world into a new era filled with love and connection. Freedom for all without oppression. But it is up to you. Yes, you watching this behind this screen to make the effort. Because time is of the essence. And only together can we make it. Are you ready? To reconnect and reconcile."

See more at https://www.connect4climate.org/initiatives/film4climate


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