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MetaPod UFO Maneuvers (stabilized) with Pod Occupant Close-up Images

Madrid, Spain (El Escorial) filmed September 6, 2015 - This Pod UFO video is stabilized to show the "MetaPod" maneuvers. You can use YouTube's Playback Speed feature to slow-motion the stabilized videos. Also, there are a few still images of the "occupant" inside the pod UFO UAP.

Source Video for analysis:

Original Video (with original audio) that was uploaded to YouTube on Sept 6, 2015

A similar shaped "MetaPod" can be seen in this video from Monterrey, Mexico in May of 2006. They called it "La Bruja" or the Mexican Witch.


This is the earliest mention of the video in this post on an old Portuguese website:

More information on how the video was obtained and includes the original eyewitness report email (from Sept 11, 2015):

Composite picture of 360 view the MetaPod:

Original Video Video Link (no longer available):

Audio Transcript by Reddit User: nvmbky

[Whistling and breathing]
[Unintelligible] Moisés, Moisés, mira. Mira allá. No digas nada. Mira. A ver.
[Another voice let's out a surprised gasp]
[Wind through the microphone]
No hace ruido.
[Unintelligible] Mira. Otra vez(?).
[Unintelligible] ...La madre... la madre... la madre concha de la lora(?)... la madre... [unintelligible] ...no hace ruido. [unintelligible] ...si sale bien(?)

Here's the English translation:

[Whistling and breathing]
Keep still...
[Unintelligible] Moisés, Moisés, look. Look over there. Don't say anything. Look. Let's see.
[Another voice let's out a surprised gasp]
[Wind through the microphone]
It doesn't make any noise.
[Unintelligible] Look. Again(?).
[Unintelligible] ...fuck... fuck... fucking hell... fuck... [unintelligible] ...it doesn't make any noise. [unintelligible] ...it comes out right(?)

Other Notes:

At the start of the video, the man recording can be heard whistling softly. As he zooms in on the object, he stops and quietly tells his friend Moisés to look at it too. This makes me think that he didn't know what he was observing at first, until he saw it through the camera's zoom; as if he just saw the object and decided to record it out of curiosity.

It's interesting to note how the man tells his friend not to make any sound, and then proceeds to whisper for the rest of the video until the object seems to go away.

There does seem to be another man with him, as you can hear a different voice let out a muffled surprise gasp when he tells him to look.

The man's accent corresponds with the place described in the e-mail and video (Spain), as well as some expressions he used.

The audio sounds like it has been processed with a noise reduction filter; either added in post-processing or directly applied by the camera to filter out the wind.
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