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4 things desperate guys do | Beware of these Desperate guy behaviors

Is he desperate? 4 things desperate guys do! Beware of these desperate guy behaviors. They are major dating turn-offs. Don’t make these dating mistakes.

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I did a video on women giving desperate vibes while ago and the comments were full of women mad that I didn’t talk about desperate men. I didn’t speak on men because It wasn’t relevant to the point of that video which was perceptions matter. And they affect how guys treat you. If you want to be treated a certain way you need to present and conduct yourself in a way conducive to the impression that most effectively leads to the treatment.

Anyway for those of you who wanted to hear me bash men for 5-7 minutes here goes nothing. Lol

Listen the the yass’s, and praise hands emojis would come in abundance if I bashed men for some of your entertainment but it wouldn’t help you. My hope with this video is to provide some perspective on the intention of some of mens most desperate behaviors. Or at the very least cause you to pay closer attention.

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