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8 Videogame Lawsuits That Didn't Go According to Plan

Videogames are a multibillion dollar business these days and wherever that kind of money is sloshing around, lawsuits are sure to follow. But this isn't a new thing; here are eight allegedly ridiculous lawsuits that allegedly didn't go according to plan. Allegedly (nailed it).

While Sega is being sued because Aliens: Colonial Marines was so awful, Oculus is being sued because John Carmack is so clever, and Rockstar is being sued because you can't create a parody of a Hollywood starlet without it being compared to Lindsay Lohan, even by Lohan herself, we peer into videogame legal history for more curious courtroom battles.

Consider Manuel Noriega versus Black Ops 2, for instance, or the suit brought by Michael 'Shagg' Washington against GTA: San Andreas, or even ostensibly similar works Dawn of the Dead and Dead Rising squaring off in court.

Any notable legal bunfights to add to the list? Let us know in the comments.


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