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Kotlin DSL - Let's Express Code in "mini-language" by Adit Lal - Bengaluru, June 22, 2019

Easy to read and simple to debug code is more within reach today than ever. #DSL (Domain specific language) though around for quite some time, it has gained more momentum in the recent times with #Kotlin - which provides some powerful language features giving us the advantage of building internal DSLs.

This talk introduces and highlights how we could use Kotlin DSL's and add to the readability of code by enforcing the use of declarative code with minimal boilerplate, as well as look at why Kotlin is particularly good for DSLs with examples.

Why DSLs
* General-purpose languages vs. DSLs
* Usage of DSLs - Examples of how to use DSLs

Why Kotlin
* Being built on top of the core language, Kotlin DSL is considered as an Internal DSL which means that it does not have a syntax on its own, rather it is a library that offers DSL readability by exploiting the language features, in this case, Kotlin.

What we will cover - We will go over some examples of how to build DSL with a few use cases.
* Kotlin specific features for DSL
* DSL's in android code
* Grade script DSL's

Session Slides - https://drive.google.com/open?id=1umzZJKMlln7UX6PrwAOu7itgxn3kajOk

Kotlin DSL - Let's Express Code in "mini-language" by Adit Lal was recorded June 22, 2019 at Kotlin/Everywhere event in Bengaluru. #KotlinEverywhere

To attend an event near you or to learn about hosting an event, please visit - https://kotl.in/everywhere.

About the Presenter:
Adit Lal is an Android Product Engineer at Go-Jek. He is passionate about scaling products in mobile and server. He is also a big Kotlin enthusiast. Adit enjoys tinkering with new tech. He lives in Bangalore, though he is native to Delhi, India. Some of his hobbies are stargazing, travel, and landscape photography.

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