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3 Shoulder Exercises You Better Be Doing (DUMBBELLS ONLY!)

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3 Forgotten Dumbbell Exercises To Build Huge Shoulders - The Perfect Shoulder Workout!

Exercise 1 - Db Alt Climbers (T:45)
Total Sets: 2
Time Under Tension: 45 Seconds
Rest Time: 45 Seconds

Exercise 2 - Reverse Incline Raises Superset with Reverse Incline Shapers (anabolic dropset)
Sets: 2
Reps: 8-10 Each Part
Rest Time: 90 Seconds

Exercise 3 - incline delt rows (progressive overload)
Sets: 2
Reps: 6-8
Rest Time: 2 Minutes


This dumbbells only shoulder workout will help you build massive deltoids by hitting every fiber.

This science backed mass building deltoid workout is great for building 3d Shoulders and an aesthetic physique.

The best bodybuilding physiques have a great V-Taper and that all starts with a better shoulder to waist ratio.

If you simply want to look better shirtless and have an impressive physique you need to build all 3 heads of the shoulder muscles - so try this workout 2-3x per week and make sure to incorporate the balloon method into your training.

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