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My Top 5 Most Effective BJJ Submissions (Arm Annihilation Flow)

What are my Top 5 Favorite Submission in BJJ? That's the question for today's video.

In this video I'll show you my favorite submissions. They're my favorite because of how effective they've been for me over the years.

You'll probably notice something. They're all very simple techniques. None of them are what you would consider on the "fancy" side of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu.

And that's ok with me.

The submissions shown in the video are. . .
1. Kimura
2. Wrist Lock
3. Straight Armlock
4. Armbar
5. Rear Choke from Back Mount

While I have some tricky submissions and techniques in my arsenal. I typically depend on a handful of highly effective submissions to be the work horses of my Brazilian Jiujitsu game.

My game being built around a more simplistic base has been helpful for me

In this video I'll also show how all 5 of these BJJ submissions chain together. Which is an important aspect to consider.

Having a submission flow makes for a nasty offensive ability. When 1 attack is stopped you move to the next.

I hope the video is helpful!
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