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Life Lessons From Guru Nanak | Guru Nanak Jayanti Prakash

Six life lessons from Guru Nanak Dev ji that will change your life and the world. It describes who was Guru Nanak? 2019 marks 550 years since the birth (prakash or avtar purab) of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. Sikhs all over the world will be celebrating the life and wisdom of this enlightened master. Don't just celebrate, educate!

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We believe everyone should know and experience spiritual bliss for themselves. Here at Nanak Naam charity we're on a mission to transform lives worldwide through Mantra-Mindfulness. Satpal Singh is a Sikh spiritual vlogger from the UK creating videos on meditation, mantra, mindfulness and spirituality based on non-duality.

Find out more and donate online: http://www.nanaknaam.org/donate

Stay in touch for more Sikh Meditation techniques and guidance:
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Website: http://www.nanaknaam.org

Some videos feature the song “Nanak Naam” by KauRas. To find out more please visit their channel on https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBH3qMfsQx9iNzBByzq5w2g

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