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Coloring Belle Christmas Beauty And The Beast Coloring Page Prismacolor Pencils | KiMMi THE CLOWN

Join in on the fun as Kimmi The Clown colors in her Disney Princess Christmas Coloring Book! This magical book comes with so many different pages to color! Watch me color a Christmas picture of Belle from "Beauty and the Beast" using Prismacolor colored pencils! I had so much fun coloring in this Christmas coloring book and watching my picture come to life! Join me tomorrow for more fun videos! THANKS FOR WATCHING! HAVE A FUN DAY!!! ☺️

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Crayola is a brand of artists' supplies manufactured by Crayola, LLC (formerly Binney & Smith Company) and best known for its crayons. The company is based in Forks Township, Northampton County, Pennsylvania. Since 1984, Crayola has been a wholly owned subsidiary of Hallmark Cards. Originally an industrial pigment supply company, Crayola soon shifted its focus to art products for home and school use, beginning with chalk, then crayons, followed later by colored pencils, markers, paints, modeling clay, and other related goods. All Crayola-branded products are marketed as nontoxic and safe for use by children. Most Crayola crayons are made in the United States.

Beauty and the Beast is a 1991 American animated musical romantic fantasy film produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation and released by Walt Disney Pictures. Beauty and the Beast focuses on the relationship between the Beast (voice of Robby Benson), a prince who is magically transformed into a monster and his servants into household objects as punishment for his arrogance, and Belle (voice of Paige O'Hara), a young woman whom he imprisons in his castle. To become a prince again, Beast must learn to love Belle and earn her love in return before the last petal from the enchanted rose that the enchantress who cursed the Beast had offered falls, or else the Beast will remain a monster forever.

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