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Chicken Shami Kabab by Yasmin's Cooking

Please watch: "Spicy Chatkharadar Roast chanp/Chops Without Oven And BBQ (Bakra Eid Special) By Yasmin’s Cooking"
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LZzofkW-t1A --~--
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1 kg chicken
250 gram chana daal (gram lentil)
1 large onion
2 eggs
Salt to taste
Oil for frying
2/3 tablespoons garlic
2 tablespoons ginger
4/5 tablespoons green coriander
4/5 green chilli
5/6 dry red chilli
2 cinnamon stick
2 black Cardamom
1 tablespoons cumin seeds
1 tablespoons black pepper
1 tablespoons dry coriander
4 green cardamom
2 bey leaves
5/6 tablespoons cloves
1 teaspoon red chilli powder
1 tablespoons chicken powder
Among thousands of chicken recipes, chicken shami kabab is a top favorite of many Pakistanis. We can expect you can cook chicken Shami Kababs with chicken meat after watching this video recipe. Shami Kabab keeps the value of a tradition in Pakistani Cuisine. With time, it's popularity grew higher and it was not limited to Pakistan but adopted as a tradition in other Asian countries. As a general rule of thumb, it is cooked with beef meat but now it is also cooked with Chicken

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