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What I Ate All Week + My Workouts | Fitnes Motivation

This is what I ate all week along with my workouts for the week. This is just to give you some meal ideas and maybe some fitness motivation. This is what works really well for my body, but since we are all different, it is best to know your own body's needs.
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*I mix up which machines I use each week so that my body doesn't get used to doing the same thing every week.
*I typically do 3 sets of each exercise.
The first set is a warm up set of 10 reps with a medium weight.
I increase the weight for my second set and do 10 reps.
For my last set, I increase the weight and do the exercise until failure (can't lift anymore :)).
For more explanation on my workouts, check out my workout videos.
My Workouts Routine: https://youtu.be/_GqByEV8Xh0
My Upper Body Workout Routine: https://youtu.be/YT2pbQxezc8
My Leg and Glutes Workout Routine: https://youtu.be/qj-jSbB3SuU

Monday's Workout:
Ab Routine
30 minutes on Arc Trainer (cardio)
Upper Body with weights:
Pull ups
Lat pull downs
Bent over rows
Fly and rear delt machine
chest press
overhead shoulder press
triceps extension machine
biceps curls
hammer biceps curls

Tuesday's Workout:
3 mile run outside

Wednesday's Workout:
Ab Routine
20 minutes Arc Trainer (cardio)
Leg and Glute Workout with weights:
Leg Press
Dead lifts
Glute kick back machine
Hip abductor
Hip adductor
Calf extensions

Friday's Workout:
Upper body with weights:
Seated Rows
Chest Press
Fly and Rear Delt Machine
Front and Side Later Shoulder Raises
Standing Biceps Cable Curls
Cable Triceps Extension

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