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2019 EDC Update - Backpacking EDC?!

After getting several requests to share an update on my EDC system, I figured it was time to share. In this I take a slightly different approach than I have in the past with Everyday Carry system videos, as my personal approach has had some adjustments. Namely, my EDC gear has become focused on putting together a system that is simple and transitions well between city life and the outdoors. Meaning that I have dialed in a system that I feel proficient with in whatever activity I am doing and I can train on one, rather than always be changing things up.
I also understand that concealed carrying a firearm, knives and EDC systems are not everyone's cup of tea. Thanks!

- Blue Alpha Gear: https://www.bluealphagear.com/
- Suunto 9 Baro: https://bit.ly/2SbZrGE
- Benchmade Mini Griptillian: https://amzn.to/2NbZWf4
- Popov Leather Wallet: https://bit.ly/32HsPX5
- Fenix PD25: https://amzn.to/32GWsYP
- Outdoor Vitals Stormloft Jacket: http://bit.ly/2PSI6PE
- Top Quilt: https://bit.ly/2H0OzVg
- Sleeping Bag: http://bit.ly/2YZqwff
- Sleeping Pad: http://bit.ly/2KDPH24
- Stove: https://amzn.to/31tkipF
- Shelter: https://bit.ly/2HRXitz
- Water Filter: https://amzn.to/2YDWuCu
- Water Storage: https://amzn.to/2GV30Kk
- Cook Pot: https://amzn.to/2GY7Je9
- Pillow: http://bit.ly/2GY7C2d
- Backpack: http://bit.ly/2KQ7LWX
- Kuiu Gear: http://bit.ly/30XxUKa

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Shop for gear here:
- REI.com: http://bit.ly/2EVyQr9
- UGQ Outdoor: https://bit.ly/2H0OzVg
- LiteAF.com: https://bit.ly/2lHER2h
- Patagonia: http://bit.ly/2opUFIf
- Backcountry.com: http://bit.ly/2SfWqBO
- Sea To Summit: http://bit.ly/2ZB4Ues
- Solo Stove: http://bit.ly/2ZAZLCs
- Moosejaw: http://bit.ly/30WUpyJ
- Kuiu: http://bit.ly/2LsUwLU
- Amazon: http://amzn.to/2ixoW5w
- Outland USA: http://bit.ly/2ZLCZaU
- Hydroblu: http://bit.ly/2ZHLbZH
- Black Diamond Equipment: http://bit.ly/2NQR3tE

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