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Sovereign of the Three Realms, Chapter 924 To Go Against the Heavens

Sovereign of the Three Realms Light Novel Translation

This is a fan-made screen capture of a TTS program reading Sovereign of the Three Realms Chinese Light Novel English translation.

Novel Description:

Jiang Chen, son of the Heavenly Emperor, unexpectedly reincarnated into the body of a despised young noble, thus embarking on the path of the underdog trouncing all comers. No one has the right to call himself a genius in front of Jiang Chen, as no one has a better understanding of the heavens than the son of the Heavenly Emperor. Genius? He who adheres to me shall ascend, those who oppose me can find solace in hell!

Associated Names
Sanjie Duzun

Author(s): Li Tian 犁天
Original Publisher: Qidian
English Publisher: Wuxiaworld

Genre: Action Adventure Fantasy Harem Martial Arts Mature Xuanhuan

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