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Nobel Memorial Prize | Abhijit Banerjee talks about the Reservation System | Karolina Goswami

ABHIJIT BANERJEE, a man who was born in India has just won the Nobel Memorial Prize for Economic Sciences.
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Watch how Karolina Goswami is changing the way people in Poland think of India: https://youtu.be/HrM4-AtMif8
Karolina Goswami's film on India which is being shown in Polish schools: https://youtu.be/gQLInMAwLVE

Also, please familiarize yourself with Karolina's past work:
Films by Karolina Goswami which challenge the common media stereotypes of India:
Let's check if you are brainwashed about Hindus: https://youtu.be/M0AJzA1Prb0
Indian Women vs Western Women: https://youtu.be/BHEW778Weng
Women safety - A Global perspective - https://youtu.be/3dXu9AVWrSg
Can India Keep its Soul Alive - https://youtu.be/pdJjatSVnrA
Can poor people get free medical treatment in India? https://youtu.be/KWmRicgT5s0
Is India a role model for the world? https://youtu.be/Ie4jopOux-E

Films (by Karolina Goswami) to seek solutions for India's problems and shortcomings:
Who are India's enemies? https://youtu.be/kHiRp5h31gY
What India can learn from the West - Part1: https://youtu.be/Uqw3fV1qQdE
What India can learn from the West - Part 2: https://youtu.be/h4CgaNGDYbg

Documentary Films by Karolina Goswami:
IIT Kharagpur by Karolina Goswami: https://youtu.be/DSVKnLuQwNA
How Indians are helping the American homeless and under-served communities https://youtu.be/5aneELrPXAo
How India is trying to protect its cultural heritage - https://youtu.be/aYneQSKdH78
Can India save its children? https://youtu.be/Js0J5RFJzLQ
Are Hindu students bullied in American schools? | https://youtu.be/ekWFTG5sq40
Can India, America and Britain fight this -https://youtu.be/0w1qOjF4D1E
Can the UK survive without Indian doctors- https://youtu.be/c6Zss3kiUo8
Can America afford to lose Indians? https://youtu.be/_6EAJBX2Ktc
Why should anybody insult Hindus in America? https://youtu.be/txM51H3unpI
Hindu Monks in America? | Karolina Goswami https://youtu.be/6DP83OUp4I8

Films (by Karolina Goswami) that showcase the resurgent India:
India is Reclaiming | Super Poor to Superpower https://youtu.be/Le8FB_YGdLU
What is the Future of India -https://youtu.be/E_QgKll7Hpo
Why is India so special for expats? - https://youtu.be/PDsh4UxF6aM

Films (by Karolina Goswami) that showcase India's potential in tourism:
Do you think that you will never visit India - https://youtu.be/y7HixN5flf0
Are you underestimating India's North East? https://youtu.be/-rLvaG9V3F8

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