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Nerlich - Substantial Alteration

Album: Defabricated Process (2007)
Track: #2


"Its freezing cold,
almost everything is dead - the earth is frozen.
An unidentifiable egg like object is oozing amongst the ice,
toxic fluids creates bacterial mutations inside it.
Slowly the temperature inside the egg
gets higher and it starts to boil.
Its environment starts to melt and all
the dead organisms to decompose.
Scent of decay.
Finally the egg bursts throwing the mutated bacteria
over the decomposed fabric.
The organism starts to reconstruct
awaking from their endless slumber.
You were sent to research the phenomenon.

Spawned by uncontrollable obsession
these organisms spring back to life.

Suddenly surrounded by the enclosing mist,
feel puncturing on your skin.
The mist consists of some kind of insects,
they cut inside your flesh.

The insects germinate and deteriorate your body.
The fabric is eaten from the thorax
leaving bare bones protrude from beneath
the remnants of your skin.
Your lungs are full of their excretion,
causing horrible convulsions and finally suffocation.
Can't believe what has happened."

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