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Proof of ancient High Technology at the Serapeum - Chapter 2, the Boxes: types, stone, and machining

Chapters 1 through 5 of this series:
Chapter 1: Introduction: https://youtu.be/VGtDAHRK8s0
Chapter 2: The boxes: https://youtu.be/c6f7KPD3QUA (this video)
Chapter 3: Precision: https://youtu.be/frhysD0G4mg
Chapter 4: Liquid Polish: https://youtu.be/-PgvvdIBI8E
Chapter 5: Conclusions! : https://youtu.be/qLrTCYMFUbg
Addendum: Naming: https://youtu.be/12IpEwAGbTY

The Serapeum stands alone as some of the best proof of advanced ancient engineering and technology that existed deep in antiquity, and that we cannot attribute to the dynastic Egyptian civilization, great as it was.

This is chapter 2 of a multipart series taking an in-depth look at the mysteries and clues to a more ancient human past at the Serapeum of Saqqara.

In this video I examine the number and type of boxes at the Serapeum, the stone types and hardness, and also look at the machining marks still left on some of the boxes.

My podcast on Perspective: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KDSXOG9SoNY

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