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For the Woman Who Knows. A Riff on Intention Setting.

How to set intentions and receive all the things you desire. When you set a solid intention around a new program or a new life goal then all the things can actually get to you. A teacher will say what you need to hear or the right book will fall from the shelf. When you get clear on what you want and you decide that of course you get to have it then the guidance will be in line with what you want and show up. Your income goal is not be about what you are supposed to do next or what would be impressive to get but based on your true desire and where you desire to elevate your energy to.

I am jazzed to announce the opening of the All the Things Mega-Course. This is my largest program ever: https://amandafrances.com/all-the-things/

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Amanda Frances | Self Made Millionaire. Digital Course Creator. Money Manifesting Queen. #spiritualbosslady
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