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Fortnite Twine Peak SSD 6 Solo

WARNING; Great video for how to solo, but HORRIBLE graphic card issues.
This is a video for soloing Storm Shield Defense (SSD) #6 on Fortnite. It is my first ever video with a ton of issues but for seeing that higher level SSDs can be soloed and how it does a great job.

Shout outs to;
To my son and daughter for inspiring me to try this. They are both insane pro gamers with their own gaming channels that you should really check out;

Also want to thank A1GetdisMoney at https://www.youtube.com/user/A1Getdismoney
Who's videos helped me out a lot (mainly the part of trusting your build to do its' job and to relax and not always be attacking (which I failed to do on the last wave and cost me dearly :)

Also thanks to Caend and Truth Serum for the dozens of mission we ran together.

Known issue to fix for next time; find way to cut out sound from computer fan that doesn't cause the graphic card to overheat and start glitching; and less noise from keyboard

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