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The Accidentals - Parking Lot (Official Music Video)

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Download Parking Lot at moreaccidentals.bandcamp.com - limited time.
Some days feel like a Parking Lot. Sometimes life feels like a Parking Lot. Then, every once in a while you literally have to sit in a parking lot. ..and wait, for hours, to play a show - because you are not 21 yet. :)
Here is our ode to these "minor" issues, and to getting out of the parking lot.
Videography by: Charles Steen (Videographer, Grand Rapids,MI)
additional camera: Jake Burgess Videography

Thank you to:
Randall Erno (Level UP Management) - Bouncer
Jack Fivecoate - Musician
Ryan Dahlberg - Lone Audience Member
Jeremy West - Bartender
Janelle Dahlberg - Bartender
Michael Conley - Sound Engineer
Doug Street - Lending us his space at Streeters, Traverse City, MI
Myrna Jacobs - Photography
Shure Microphones
NS Design Cello
Liquid Violins

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