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How Cell Could Absorb the Androids in Dragon Ball Super

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Seththeprogrammer - Android 17 power explained

Hyper Perfect Cell Design in Thumb by Blood-Splach

Hello and welcome back all my dragon ball theorist finally finished this video of How Cell Could Absorb the Androids in Dragon Ball Super. Many have asked the question with how strong Android 17 is now what would happen if Cell was able to absorb these Androids in the Super timeline. How powerful would his Perfect Cell form actually be? Instead of just doing a traditional What if scenario going into that I decided to write a story of how if they wanted to bring Perfect Cell back as a villain they could do it using the various timelines in Dragon Ball. When Trunk and Mai left to go to their alternate timeline after Zamasu was erased they set in motion many changes that would cause a danger just as terrifying to emerge. Hope you enjoy this video and story and be safe and enjoy your week!!!

Unseen timeline 4, Uknown timeline 5, timeline 7 second future trunks, Super semi perfect cell, Hyper Perfect Cell, Cell absorbs majin buu.

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