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⁴ᴷ Complete Walkthrough of Central Park, NYC during the Winter from South to North (59th - 110th St)

I complete a walkthrough of Central Park from South to North (59th Street to 110th Street). Central Park is 843 acres between the Upper West and Upper East Sides, bounded by Central Park West (8th Avenue) and 5th Avenue to the East. It is the most visited urban park in the United States featuring attractions such as Belvedere Castle, The Fountain, Bow Bridge, The Ramble, The Reservoir, The Pond, Great Hill, and The Blockhouse.

Filmed December 16, 2017


1:10 - The Pond
7:22 - Gapstow Bridge
11:08 - Wollman Rink
17:40 - The Mall
19:50 - Interesting moment with a squirrel
24:00 - Bethseda Terrace (Someone gets proposed to)
25:22 - The Fountain
29:00 - Bow Bridge
30:21 - The Ramble (Nature Section of Central Park)
36:14 - A bird eats some berries off a tree and I get a close-up
40:58 - Approach to Belvedere Castle Closed (Need to take Detour)
49:35 - Shakespeare Garden
50:03 - Interesting moment with a squirrel
51:33 - Approach to Belvedere Castle
52:10 - Group of people having fun making a snowman
53:10 - Belvedere Castle Terrace
54:27 - Entering Belvedere Castle
56:10 - Top of Belvedere Castle
1:04:50 - Great Lawn
1:10:37 - The Reservoir
1:24:20 - I exit the Reservoir
1:29:30 - North Meadow
1:38:20 - Approach to the North Woods
1:39:05 - North Woods (Nature Section of Central Park)
1:50:35 - The Blockhouse (Fortification from 1814)
1:53:00 - Closer look into the Blockhouse
1:59:00 - Central Park West @ West 106th Street
2:02:40 - 110th Street (Central Park North)

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