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dog eye ulcer-indolent ulcer--CURED-Jr's story

The story of my boxer dog with an eye ulcer.
I spent $422 dls. on vet bills, and wanted to charge $240 more for the eye debridement. I declined and looked for other options.
My neighbor told me to use raw potato juice and I did.
I didn't put any of the meds the vet gave me anymore for his eye and switched to use only raw potato juice and gen teal for severe dry eyes. I applied both 3 times a day everyday and before going to bed. He did wear the e-collar a few days because he made his eye worse (that was before I did the potato thing).
Just buy a bunch of small potatoes and use one every day or as needed. I used a ziploc bag to put the grated potato in it then squeeze the juice and drop it in the little plastic bottle that it had the eye solution. I applied the gen teal later, probably an hour later or so after applying the potato juice. I washed everything everyday.
UPDATE: I didn't think that I would get so many questions from people watching this video. I had some people that said that the video doesn't explain much and that I needed to be more specific and that I needed to explain it better like the books that are call :" how to ...for dummies" lol..I will make another video in a few weeks.
This is the second video I made explaining what I did to get the potato juice:

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