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102. The Lost Paradise of Atlantis/Lemuria/Mu (Part V) About Lemuria & Mu

The Lost Paradise of Atlantis/Lemuria/Mu (Part V) 00:22

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Dear fellow Truth Seekers, In this video we talk about alternative theories on humanity’s prehistory. This is done for our science vs religious study. To watch the religious stories of each religion, kindly go to the Playlist marked as: Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and/or Buddhism.

To watch the complete world mythologies kindly go to the Playlist marked as: World Mythologies. And to read the complete religious comparison study in e-book format kindly visit: www.mythoreligio.com

MythoReligio is a video channel based on a book series with the same name about religious comparison studies between the stories in Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism -directly from their sacred books and world mythologies, hence the name: MythoReligio.

The purpose is to retrace the (pre)history of humanity, since I am not fully satisfied with either the explanations from the point of view of creationists nor evolutionists. There are so many missing links in both explanations.

If you feel the same then you are on the right channel. In this channel I will also analyze about the (pre)history of humanity from the archaeological records, modern scientific point of view and other alternative theories (such as the ancient alien theories and Atlantis/Lemuria legends).

After thorough research of ca. 30 years, I recognized many, many similarities between all religious stories and even mythologies and surprisingly some of them are in accordance or even beyond
modern science that have been proven as correct!

Thus, I came to the conclusion that ALL religions must have come from the same Source and all these religious stories and mythologies (although heavily jumbled up) are actually telling one Mega Story - the true (pre)history of our common ancestors. This Mega Story is quite different than what we have been told to believe and will truly blow your mind as it is more fascinating than our imagination.

If you have watched the earlier videos in this channel, I believe you can see (some of) the similarities too. If you haven’t and you truly want to do a religious comparative study, I suggest that you do so. The best way to do a comprehensive religious study via this channel is by watching the videos starting from number 1 and continue until this present video and so on. That way you will see a clear pattern.

In this channel I will share almost all that I have written in my book series, however there is 1 book (so far) that I cannot share in this channel due to its sensitive, shocking and dark nature, and also might be considered controversial to some but I believe it sheds more light to the above conclusion. If you want to read this around 500 pages Ebook with many full color illustrations you are more than welcome to download book no. 5 entitled “History of the Dark Side” that is available for FREE in Ebook format that can be found in my website – www.mythoreligio.com. You only have to give your email address and it will be sent to you directly. And no, I won’t share your email address nor send any advertisement.

The link is above.
If you want to get the physical book kindly go to Amazon.com.
Thank you and would really be honoured if you subscribed! ��

Music Credit:

“Age of Wonder”
By Scott Buckley

102. The Lost Paradise of Atlantis/Lemuria/Mu (Part V) About Lemuria & Mu
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