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7 Things Men Overlook that Matter to Women

Some Observations About Women that Every Man Needs to Know
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Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. We’ve heard that kind of language for ages.

l will start with some observations about women that every man needs to know
I will be sharing 7 Little things Men overlook that matter to women

1. Don’t mistake her tears for weakness.
And don't overlook the tears and work away you will kill her so hard emotionally.

Women shade tears when they are angry when they are excited when they are frustrated, and when they're joyful.

Some men may overlook these little details rather than give her a hug and a kiss on her forehead.

They will rush out to attend to things that matter to them.

Men you need to learn to understand these tears.

Remember that they are not a sign of weakness- but a sign of strength. Strength because they are genuine. It could be a weakness if they are faking it. But most don't fake that emotional tears.

Strength because they are passionate and compassionate. Unlike some guys, we can cover up many things but women will be more real hence comes the tears. Don't overlook and walk away. Hold her and rejoice if it is tears of joy or comfort her if she's broken.

2. Women want to feel beautiful.

Women like to be noticed for how they look, especially if they change something. A prime example is hair and nails. If you don't pay attention to this, they will get upset.

She needs to know, deep within, that we find her beautiful and that we only have eyes for her. She doesn’t just want to know,
“Am I beautiful?” but, “Am I beautiful to him?” There may be many mirrors around, but the mirror that means most to her is you.
Don't overlook this.

3. Important Dates in the calendar year.
Women love Anniversaries, birthdays (hers, not yours), women's day, mother’s day, Christmas, and so on.
The day you will for Bnget her important date, you are in trouble, so if you want to set a reminder do it don't overlook it, it means a lot to her.

4. Women want to feel listened to.
Men, she doesn’t want us to fix it, she just wants us to listen. She doesn’t want or need our solution to the problem, even if she asked for our opinion. She does want us to understand how she’s feeling about the problem and identify with her in that feeling.
Next time you can do this:

“Thanks for sharing that with me” or “I’m so sorry that happened”

These might be good words to consider saying to her. Than replying were you saying something, this is a clear indication that you were not listening to her.

. A simple, “Sounds like oh you’ve had a really hard day so sorry, don't worry I will tell you what to do next time” goes so much farther than saying

“Instead of doing like this you went and did this way, why won't you be stressed itcchhh”.

Women just want to feel validated, supported, and heard, so guys pay close attention to this and don't overlook it.

5. Women want to feel emotionally secure.
Women want security. Yes, financial security is important, but it comes second to emotional security. Women do think about the house, bills, and tuition, but feeling emotionally connected and knowing we are there for them, no matter what, is what really matters.

6. 1. Women want to feel loved.
Many women feel insecure about our love for them. There are two things we men can do about it. First, reassure her. In times of conflict, we should tell them we love them no matter what and that everything will be okay—“I love you. We’ll get through this.” When she’s upset, she doesn’t need space,” she needs a hug and to be held. Second, pursue her. Women need to be pursued throughout the relationship, just as we pursued them before we got them

7. Impressing women

They appreciate the little things. Believe it or not, when it comes to impressing women, you don’t have to go big.
The little things often say the most.

Indeed, men and women can often see life differently, but the beauty of different perspectives is that they lend themselves to us doing life together.
Let's pay attention to our women.

Ladies is this true or not
More so you can add more to the list in the comment session.
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