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We Were Haunted By A Creepy Possessed Doll

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This is a true scary story, and scary true stories are the best! Jocelyn and Kathryn had been really close friends for over three years and the decided to go spend a Summer weekend at Joceyln's grandma's cabin (a little haunted feeling already) with their family.

When they got there it was already a creepy day, rainy and dark and muggy and the girls had to stay inside the cabin and wait it out. Meanwhile, grandma has been out shopping a yard sale and came bursting in, all excited, saying "hey girls come see what I got!"

She pulled out this super weird old Native American doll and held it up, and immediately it gave off a super creepy, almost evil, devilish energy. Jocelyn and Kathryn felt it right away. They were scared, and the doll just seemed super haunted to them, even though they could tell that grandma really liked it and wanted it there in the cabin. The girls instantly felt like this just turned int a ghost story, one of those scary stories you hear about, like the 3AM chalenge.

She held the creepy little doll lovingly as she described how she found it at a yard sale in town and how the person she got it from said they didn't want it anymore - she gave him sixty cents anyway, and took the scary doll back to the cabin.

She seemed seriously possessed when she then took the doll into a spare room, tucked it into the bed, and gave it a kiss. The whole thing and the creepy doll just freaked them out, and the scary way that Jocelyn's grandma was acting with the doll. It was so so scary and creepy and weird.

To make matters worse, Jocelyn and Kathryn talked a little smack about the doll, the fact that it was haunted and possessed and just plain creepy, and they kind of felt like maybe they made it mad, that it heard them, or heard their thoughts, and this idea freaked them out even more.

Especially when, after Jocelyn's parents had left to take their grandma to bingo, the wifi suddenly cut out and there was no cell signal. So, a little nervous, they decided to just sit on the couch and talk WHEN SUDDENLY from behind them, they heard a sound like a baby crying - but there weren't any babies around, and definitely not ones that sounded like some weird scary baby like this one did.

It sounded like it came from behind the door where the creepy doll was tucked into bed. Then, and this was no illusion, they heard scratching from inside the room, like tiny baby hands scratching at the door, or like cat claws.

That was it, they ran, out of the cabin, onto their bikes, riding as fast as they could to get away from that creepy haunted doll. But they were in the middle of nowhere really, and it was getting dark and they after a while they started getting cold. They had no choice but to head back to the cabin.

They got back and went straight to their bedroom - fast - but something was different when they got there. Before they left, Jocelyn had put a new bra that she had bought into a bag and left it on top of the bed. But when they got into the room it had been moved, they looked everywhere and finally found it, out of the bag and all the way under her bed!

They grabbed it, looking at each other with fear in their eyes, when suddenly they heard this deep demonic sounding voice from outside their room that just said - "yeah." They burst out of their room - the voice had come from the spare bedroom where Jocelyn's grandma had tucked the scary doll in.

Now, earlier, they had covered the dolls eyes with the blanket, and now, when they went in, the doll's eyes were uncovered, like it was possessed. They ran out screaming. Kathryn went up to this fake tree in the cabin and said "oh I love this tree and I hope nothing bad happens to it."

Finally, Jocelyn's parents and grandma came back, and even still, they hardly slept at all. The next day they woke up, walked out into the cabin, and the leaves from that fake tree were scattered all over the floor.

They felt pretty sure that they HAD made that creepy doll mad, and that it is haunting their grandma's cabin to this day, but she won't get rid of it - which is scary too - and she talks to it and brushes its hair and tucks it into its own bed. CREEPY!
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