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Medicare Explained / Medicare Part B & Medicare Part A (and Supplements)

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Medicare Explained is the best video to explain Medicare. It covers what you need to know about Medicare Part A & Medicare Part B (and Supplements), plus the choices you have to make once you start Medicare. Medicare Explained, Medicare Made Clear, Understanding Medicare, no matter how we title these videos the bottom line is they need to help you understand Medicare and the choices ahead.

Medicare Advantage vs Medicare Supplement Plans
No matter how we word it, understanding Medicare is not always as easy as it looks. We do our best to make it easy for you. Enjoy!
Learn what you need to know about Medicare Part A, Medicare Part B and the choices you have to make when you start Medicare. We also discuss Medicare supplement vs. Advantage plans.

Matthew Claassen is an independent Medicare insurance broker licensed in 49-states.
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Medicare Explained, understanding Medicare, Medicare made clear. In this video I am going help you learn about Medicare explained in an easy to understand format. By the end of this video Medicare will be made clear for you. You will understand how Medicare works.
Once you understand the Medicare basics of Part A and Medicare Part B, you will be faced with choosing one of three paths to take with your Medicare. .

Medicare Part A is that portion of your health insurance that pays for your healthcare whenever you are an inpatient in a medical facility. As soon as you become an inpatient in a hospital, Medicare Part A takes over. The same when you become an inpatient in a skilled nursing facility or hospice. The one exception is that if you are not able to physically get to a medical facility for healthcare, Medicare Part A also pays for home healthcare.
Think of Medicare Part A is inpatient insurance.
Medicare Part B is the part of Medicare that pays for outpatient and physician services.
This is the portion Medicare insurance you use when you see a doctor or have lab tests or physical therapy and so on. Medicare Part B also includes some wellness coverage.
Medicare Part B is the part of Medicare people use most often because most of our medical care is via outpatient services. Even many surgeries and hospital services are now done as an outpatient and are thus covered under Medicare Part B.
It is important that this Medicare explained video communicate what you need to know about Medicare. Understanding Medicare is important. So Medicare made clear is the first step to making an informed decision.

Your Original Medicare (Part A & B) is good anywhere in the country. You can see any doctor, go to any medical facility in any state or territory, as long as they accept Medicare. You do not need to get permission from a primary care physician. You have both freedom to go where you need and control to see who you choose.
Also it is important to understand that Medicare Advantage Plans are local coverage. If you are a snowbird, and RVer or just travel the country that should rule MAPD as an option.
New To Medicare https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2KZrVNBipJgVaEFBaObZ_84qr7Nm6WUM

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Where to enroll in Medicare online: https://www.ssa.gov/benefits/medicare/
Once enrolled get your My Medicare Account: https://www.mymedicare.gov/
Use this link to shop for Medicare Part D: https://www.medicare.gov/find-a-plan/questions/home.aspx
This Medicare Guide is often referred to as a Medicare supplement buyers guide:

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