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National Biodiversity Board and Patents in India #patent #ipr #ipnuggets

This video by Ms Bindu Sharma (Founder & Origiin CEO of Origiin IP Solutions) illustrates the role of National Biodiversity Board while registering a Patents related to Biological inventions in India.

IP NUGGETS is a series of videos by Origiin IP Solutions LLP through which a number of questions commonly asked by companies or inventors are answered. These videos will be of immense help to Innovators, Inventors, Companies, practicing IP Professionals.

❇️Watch full playlist here for IP NUGGETS:
01: Is Copyright Registration necessary?: https://youtu.be/NhziBLbpqWc
02: Top ten reasons to file for a Patent: https://youtu.be/-Y9EkTfP_5s
03: Why should you not file for a Patent: https://youtu.be/el288yKFKvo
04: How to file for a patent internationally: https://youtu.be/pNQAhvNx9xQ
05: Is Provisional Patent application the right choice? https://youtu.be/ANBWwc_B_aQ
06: How to maintain a trade secret: https://youtu.be/Ppsu7_xWs_c
07: National Biodiversity Board and Patents in India: https://youtu.be/uSgAlMV0USU
08: Start-ups India and IPR: https://youtu.be/yQ6kyjCrPKU
09: When should you apply for a PCT Application?: https://youtu.be/Tpw3sfuHT2U
10: 5 steps before filing for a patent: https://youtu.be/1y_uLx1kKm0
11: Patent filing procedure: https://youtu.be/dJ2X0KyOkSI
12: What an invention needs, to be patentable: https://youtu.be/gt6ovnwI1Rw
13: Things to know before filing for FIRST Patent: https://youtu.be/ReRMi7Rja7g
14: 5-steps before filing for a Patent: https://youtu.be/XOMLlDg42IU
15: Stay ahead of the competition with Patent Alerts: https://youtu.be/m5WsF_wGPTE
16: Patent or paper publication?: https://youtu.be/taS2Iuf6fes
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