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Low Power Factor - disadvantage & need of correction, Hindi

Low Power Factor, need of correction, disadvantages, cause and problem of low power factor is explained in Hindi in the video lecture for AC circuit.

I also explain the disadvantages and problems due to low power factor, like the voltage drop, voltage fluctuation, reduced transmission line capacity, more power loss in wires and money penalty to the consumer.

So, power factor improvement or correction is required to improve transmission line capacity, to reduce voltage drop, to reduce voltage variation, to reduce power loss in wires and also to reduce the penalty for low power factor in the industry.

Automatic power factor correction equipment is required for the variable load. Automatic power factor correction equipment measures current at incomer and then provide capacitor as per requirement.

Further, the problems due to low PF & Power factor correction are explained. Transmission line resistance and inductance.

Educational video on why is power factor correction required? electricity and electrical engineering in Hindi 248 by G K Agrawal.

Watch VA Watt Power difference in Hindi

The lecture is given by a person with industrial experience and is useful for electrical, electronic communication, and power electronics engineering students, project work, and also Physics students.

Also watch In Hindi, impedance and resistance difference


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You learned in the video the Power factor improvement. problem due to the low power factor. why is power factor correction needed?

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