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Two French Cross Peen Hammers Restoration - Old Rusty Hammer Restoration

I found these two French cross peen hammer heads in the shop the other day, and I decided to restore them both.

One is a forged hammer, and the other one a factory made hammer. When I looked at these two old rusty hammer heads, I wondered if I could make them look similar by cleaning them, reshaping them a little bit and put a new handle.

I think it turned out pretty well. I took care of not grinding away the touch marks so I can still tell which one is factory made and which one is forged.

I first cleaned them by letting them soak into white vinegar for a night and brushed them with an old tooth brush and wire brush. I took off most of the dirt and rust but not all of it, so I gave it a quick brushing with the wire brush on the angle grinder. Once they were both totally clean, I could see more clearly the dents and damages they got. It wasn't to bad but I like shiny metal so I use my 2x72" belt grinder to reshape them a little bit and give them a new shine, with 80, 120 and 240 grit belts.

For the handles, I used beech wood because a lot of french hammer handles are made with beech, because that's what I had in the shop and also because I like the look of it. I cut the general shape on the bandsaw but made all the shaping by hand using wraps and files.
I finished them with boiled linseed oil and put them using walnut wedges.

I really hope you'll like the video. It was a lot of work, but it was totally worth it. Restoring old tool is very satisfying to me.

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