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Top 10 Places You Are NOT Allowed To Visit In The World

Here are list of top 10 Places You Are NOT Allowed To Visit In The World - AllTimeTop
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there are some places that are just too dangerous, too protected, or maybe too special to visit, These ten places You Are Absolutely, Definitely, Not Allowed To Visit.

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Here are fact list top 10 Places You Are Absolutely, Definitely, Not Allowed To Visit -
1. Area 51: Area 51 is the alias for a military base that is located in Nevada – around 80 miles north-west of downtown Las Vegas. In the centre of the base is a large military airfield.
2. RAF Minworth: Based in Harrogate, North Yorkshire : provide communications and intelligence support to both the UK and U.S.
the biggest electronic monitoring station in the world.
3. Room 39 North Korea : Room 39, a secretive North Korean government facility home to several illegal operations including counterfeiting $100 bills, production of drugs and international insurance fraud.
4. Snake Island, Brazil : Ilha de Queimada Grande is located 20 miles off the coast of Sao Paolo, is home to the Golden Lancehead Viper, Scientists estimate that up to 4,000 snakes live on the 110-acre island.
5. Vatican Secret Archives : this is a Vatican library! Only a sacred few have access to the vaults, you can receive the manuscript via email.
6. North Sentinel Island : the Andaman Islands in the Bay of Bengal, where a group of indigenous people, the Sentinelese, live.
7. Moscow Metro-2 : Metro-2 is a secret underground metro system which parallels the public Moscow Metro. It was built by Joseph Stalin and still operated by the Russian Ministry of Defence.
8. Mezhgorye, Russia : This place has been reported as Russia’s secret nuclear missile site. There are two battalions permanently stationed here to ward off visitors.
9. Church of Our Lady Mary of Zion : it is impossible to access because it’s claimed to contain one of the most important biblical objects, the original Ark of the Covenant.
10. Lascaux Caves – France : Lascaux is complex of caves that are world-renowned for its Palaeolithic cave paintings that are estimated to be over 17,500 years old.

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