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MINECRAFT PS4 XBOX ONE duplication glitch (NEW) October 2017

MINECRAFT PS4 XBOX ONE duplication glitch (NEW) October 2017

This is the best and easy working Minecraft item duplication glitch.
You can duplicate any item you want like diamonds, gold, iron or any items that you can store Inside a chest can be duplicated by doing this glitch.

It's working on the following consoles :-

• PS4
• xbox one
• ps3
• xbox 360
• Nintendo switch

Things you need to do this glitch:-

• A chest
• Items you wanna duplicate
• A working brain

Instructions to do this glitch :-

First thing you have to do is start your game in offline mode.
After you start your game in offline mode , just place a chest anywhere and then disable autosave from pause menu and then enable it again.
Once you do these steps just simply put all the items you wanna duplicate Inside the chest and then break the chest, once you break it you have to quickly press the option button. If you do all these steps correctly you will see the items in the background of the Pause menu.
Now just close the application and restart it again and then you will get all the items in your inventory back as well as Inside the chest.

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