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Extension board & switch in neutral wire of AC supply (Hindi)

Learn electrical extension board for the home with an additional switch in the neutral wire also (a new idea) in Hindi in this video tutorial. Extra protection for TV, household appliances from failing during switch OFF condition can be done using an additional neutral switch in the neutral wire of AC supply. This act as a neutral safety switch and protect during the repairing of AC equipment. The extension board idea for the laptop, computer and TV at the home with the wiring diagram is explained with a demo in this video in Hindi. A simple method, idea, trick to protect TV is, by using the switch each in neutral wire and line wire both. 2 pole switch made using 2 numbers of the 1-way switch is explained. The two-switch connection diagram is explained in this DIY project on the electrical connection. House extension board ideas. Home electrical wiring ideas Electrical connection idea. Educational video tutorial on electricity & electrical engineering in Hindi 316 by G K Agrawal (a person with industrial experience).



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Why Switch in neutral wire of the AC supply explained with circuit diagram. Extendion board Hindi. #gkagrawal #ElectEnggByDesigner #electrical #ElectricalEngineering #ExtensionBoard #householdAppliances

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